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Knowing how to choose the right wine will be useful whether you are preparing a meal at home or going out for supper at an upscale restaurant. Deciding on the right wine for you may include sampling many. Particular wines traditionally go with particular meals and the following tips will be helpful in determining the wine you prefer.

There are many kinds of wine on the market including: sparkling, champagne, dessert, blush and rice wine. Red and white wines are the most common. The main difference between white and red wine is that the juice used to make red wine also includes the skins, seeds and stems of black or red grapes. White wines on the other hand are able to be made from any color of grape since only the clear juice is used. During the production of red wine, the woody bits and the juice contain tannins which infuse the reds with more complexity. Usually white wines are sweeter and red wines tend to be heavier. It is important to know the difference between whites and reds in order to choose the right wine.

White wines are popular to drink when the meal you are eating is light with subtle tastes. For light meals, drinking a heavier red wine will overshadow the taste of the food. It is common to pick a red when eating a heartier meal since the strong wine and its strong flavor will compliment the food. Many people find it helpful to remember that red meats and sauces go better with red wines and white meats such as chicken and fish are often accompanied by white wines. For this reason, it is often a good idea when in a restaurant to order your wine after you have chosen your meal. It is all personal preference though and do not feel that you must drink red wine if you prefer white and vice versa. The rules are merely meant to be a guide and the only thing that really matters is that you enjoy the wine and the food.

Wine is typically referred to as either dry or sweet. Even though it may seem strange to consider a liquid dry, when it comes to wine, the word simply means the opposite of sweet. There is a numeric scale in order to describe the taste of wines. For example, dryness is scaled between 5 or 6 which is very sweet, down to ¬¬00, which is very dry.

When it comes to red wines, Cabernet is sweeter than Merlot. Cabernet is a rich red that accompany heavy foods well. Merlot is a lighter and smoother red. Syrah is another red that is becoming extremely popular. Syrah is particularly done well in Australia where it is known as Shiraz. As far as white wines go, Riesling and Pinot Grigio are sweeter than Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. Sauvignon Blanc is considered to be more refreshing where Chardonnay is considered a refined wine. Zinfandel is a robust, full flavored red wine and the Zinfandel grapes can be used to make a sweet wine called White Zinfandel.

Wines are also categorized by their weight in addition to their dryness. Weight refers to the amount of alcohol that is present. In reds, Chianti and Merlot are lighter than Cabernet. In white wines, Riesling and Pinot Grigio are lighter than Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay. There is a term ??body? which refers to the thickness of wine and the weight of it in your mouth. In order to pick the best wine for you, taste numerous different kinds in order to determine which body and weight you prefer.

There are certain areas in the world which are renowned for making some of the world??s finest wines. Italy, California, France, Ontario and British Columbia Canada, Australia and Chile all offer notable wines. It is important not to limit yourself by only trying wines that come from well know vineyards. Trying different varieties of wine from numerous regions may result in finding a favorite wine you might not have originally considered.

Vintage is another factor involved when determining which wine to pick. Vintage refers to the year that the wine was made. Due to the fact that weather fluctuates and cooperates better in some years compared to others, particular years will produce better wines than others. For example, the amount of rain that falls close to the grape harvest time usually determines the amount of sugar in the grapes and will affect the taste. The year 1990 was an excellent year for wine so if you are wanting to impress, order a bottle of this vintage and you will be sure not to disappoint. Older wine does not necessarily mean better wine, especially if the older bottles came from a bad vintage.

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