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The term supper, designates a meal that takes place in early evening or late afternoon. There is no uniform usage of the word supper throughout the world, even though the word may refer to a type of meal as well as the time of day it is served. Generally, the term supper is used in cultures where the use of English is the primary or secondary language. This is interesting since the origins of the word are actually associated with the French language.

Some people believe that the word supper is the English version of the French word ??souper.? There are other people who trace the origin of the word supper to the German word ??suppe.? In both English and German translations, the context of the words are associated with soup and considered to be a designation for the last meal of the day, whether or not it is served prior or after nightfall.

In places where English is the first language, the use of supper is often used in a variety of different ways. This may include different uses in different regions within a country as well as being not only true of different usages in other countries. The term supper may be also used interchangeably with other terms which designate the last meal of the day.

For example, in the USA, supper can have different meanings in various parts of the country. In the South, the term refers to the evening meal when it is served at home among family. The meal is typically somewhat light and may even consist mostly of leftovers from the mid-day meal. When the final meal of the day includes guests and is more formal, it may be referred to as dinner instead of supper. This change of terms is not generally a uniform practice since in many parts of the world the mid-day meal is known as lunch or dinner.

Supper often referred to the meal which took place around nightfall. This was often due to the fact that farming influenced a great deal of how and when people took their meals. The mid-day meal was the most important meal of the day since it allowed farmers to generate enough energy to physically work in the fields through the heat of the afternoon sun. In this way, supper would often be a lighter meal which would often contain foods that were not likely to keep people awake. Often, members of the farming community would typically retire for the night shortly after supper, due to the fact they were getting up at dawn the next morning to tend to the farm.

Depending on local custom, in other parts of the country, late meals may be referred to as suppers or dinners. Around the globe, the idea time for a late dinner or late meal ranges between the hours of 5pm and 9pm. Supper is hardly ever considered to be the most important meals of the day since it occurs so closer to bedtime than any other meal.

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